Gary Ewing
the artist & goldsmith

Gary was born and raised in San Francisco, California.
He always knew had a creative side,but it wasn't until the age of 22 under the influence of the late Brynulf Gjerstad in Oslo, Norway that he began studying gemstone cutting, jewelry design and manufacturing AND that is where and when the foundation was laid for fine European craftsmanship.
Upon returning to the United States in 1980 Gary worked as a developed apprentice at the prestigious Gleim Jewelers in Palo Alto, California with several master goldsmiths. In 1984 he opened his own jewelry design studio and showroom, in Northern California, specializing in original one of a kind handmade fine jewelry and the art of antique restoration.
In the spring of 2000 , Gary and his wife Vivi moved to Maui, Hawaii where they are presently working from their design studio.
With fewer distractions he has found it to be a more creative environment, which allows him to strive for the highest quality in the jewelry he creates. Over the years in California, we built a great number of satisfied customers, which we'll never forget. They are customers, but also friends, and thanks to computers, phones, fax and mail we are still in contact with them.
Creating one of a kind jewelry in gold or platinum with diamonds, precious gemstones or pearls, for customers all over the world is a true pleasure, says Gary Ewing. My desire to create unique pieces of art has grown in skill and scale over the years and with my extensive background as a goldsmith and designer, I love to create wearable sculptures.
There is a great deal of European influence in Gary Ewing's work as a jewelry designer and goldsmith, as he has spent considerable time in Norway and Europe throughout his adult life. As a prolific artist, I have many pieces of work in progress and when I create a unique piece of jewelry for a client by my designs or from their ideas or passion, it is truly a one of a kind.
As much as he loves his work, the most rewarding moment is the customers total satisfaction, "that's what empowers me", says Gary Ewing